Thursday, November 28, 2013

snowy day


Yesterday we awoke to the first major snowfall of the year.  There was about four to six inches of the white stuff, enough for the school bus to be cancelled. 

The trees looked beautiful all decked out in white.

Well, except for this one.  Yes, that branch is leaning on the side of the house. Yikes!

 Miraculously, it managed to land without breaking any of the four windows, nor did it damage the woodstove chimney.  We are so thankful for that. If you look closely you can see David firing up the chainsaw.

It's always funny to see the chickens' reaction when they see the first snow of the year.  They just stop in their tracks while their tiny brains process what they are seeing. 

It takes a while, but they do bravely venture out.

They stay pretty close to the coops though.

The goats aren't sure what to think.  All they can be sure of is that this is all my fault, and they make sure I know it.

Best of all are the ducks. They have no problem with the snow, even though their bellies are dragging in it and their little legs sink right down.  But they are still quacking joyfully and wandering all over the yard.

And of course Tessa loves the snow.

Guess it's not a good day for hanging out the laundry.

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