Wednesday, March 4, 2015

That's one big egg!

Are you as tired of this long, cold winter as I am? This is the point in the year when I am eagerly looking for signs of spring, and this week I found one.

On Tuesday I was surprised and happy to find this egg in the duck house. Ducks are seasonal layers. We haven't seen a duck egg since fall, so this one was a welcome sight. She has since laid two more. 

Duck eggs taste much like chicken eggs, but they have a richer taste and a creamier texture. I use most of them for baking.

Here it is in a carton of chicken eggs. The brown ones would be large to extra large if they were graded, and the green ones would be medium to large. I can't leave the duck egg in the carton, because the lid would not close. Actually, I am planning to save some of these duck eggs and put them in the incubator. Stay tuned for duck hatching pictures sometime in April. I sense a cuteness overload coming.

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