Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A day in the life

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I could not resist grabbing the camera for a little show and tell.  The ducks are enjoying their new pen.  It is actually a large dog kennel, which gives them lots of space, and protection from any coyotes or other bad guys that might be lurking.

They are using a plastic sled for a pool of water.  How many ducks fit in a sled?

 We will need to get them a bigger pool. 

The white rocks are enjoying the sun.  
They still stay in the pen, but in a week or so they will be big enough to free range with the laying hens.  They love being outside in the grass, where yummy bugs can be found.

In the small coop we have six Ridley bronze turkey poults and four polish chicks.  The dark ones are the turkeys.
It would appear that two of the chicks are cockerels, which is good since we currently don't have any roosters.  This might explain why the kids sleep so late.  Or maybe not.

Isn't he handsome?

Out in the yard the layers are having breakfast.

That is Pookie in the middle.  She was one of our first chickens, and is still a favourite.

In the coop are Broody Twins #1.

After taking this picture I got three eggs from underneath them.  Then they pecked me.  Silkies may look cute and fluffy, but don't tick them off.

In the turkey coop are Broody Twins #2.

These two have been sitting on eggs since the first part of May.  Some of their chicken friends have also contributed eggs. While the chicken eggs will not hatch due to our lack of rooster, the turkey eggs are probably fertile, judging by some interesting turkey behaviour of late. 

Since we have seen coyotes in the neighbourhood lately, Oreo is on the alert.  He takes his job seriously, like a good farm dog should.


 Tessa can be a big help too.

But she always has time for kitty kisses.

This is our potato project.  As the summer progresses we will add wood to the sides of the frame and more soil.  We hope that the potatoes will continue to produce and we will end up with a lot of potatoes in a small area.  Next year we will make a raised bed in this spot and we will plant a strawberry patch.  The ugly orange fence keeps the chickens out.

We moved the firepit to a new location.  You can tell by the weeds that we haven't used it much this year.

Our redneck garden bench.  This one is all David, he put it there thinking the dogs might sit on it.  But they only liked it when it was in the van.  I think it's time for it to go.


  1. nice pics :)
    you could put the redneck garden bench out by the firepit...

  2. Lots of cute critters! Orea looks like our Buck but Buck is a smooth-coat. Are the ducks for eggs or for meat?

    1. The ducks are for eggs, at least that is the plan so far. :)