Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Bloody Butcher

Back in January, in the dark days of winter, I spent a lot of time on gardening web sites.  On a cold day it is fun to think ahead to spring and plan what new and interesting veggies to plant this year.  One of my favourite sites is Terra Edibles, which is a small garden center that specializes in heritage seeds and plants.  They carry many, many obscure varieties that I have never heard of, and it is fun to try new things each year.  

This year a variety of tomato caught my eye, intriguingly called the Bloody Butcher.  According to the description it is early, not very big, and has a rich tomato flavour.  How could I resist that?  

They have begun to ripen this week.  David requested a couple of tomato and cheese sandwiches, so out to the garden I went.

There were a few ripe ones.  Actually, the Bloody Butchers are the only ones even close to being ripe.  All of the other varieties are still very green. They aren't very big, about two inches in diameter.  They are about the same size as the "cocktail" tomatoes you see in the grocery store.

Although small, they do slice neatly for sandwiches.  They are nice and juicy and have a great flavour, just a little sweet. 

And, they make a great sandwich.  They would be ideal for in a salad, but they are also good just picking them and eating them right in the garden.  We will definitely be planting these again next year.

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